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27-02-2024 (14:16)
Participation in the XIII International Scientific, Technical and scientific-methodological conference "Actual problems of infotelecommunications in science and education" (APINO 2024), St. Petersburg, February 27-28, 2024 (Chechulina.A., Desnitsky V.A., Kotenko I.V., Levshun D.S., Saenko I.B., Zelichenok I.Yu., Paraschuk I.B., K.N. Zhernova.)

14-12-2023 (15:49)
Participation in the II All-Russian Scientific and Practical conference "Integrated Technologies in Mechanics and Transport construction", dedicated to the memory of Professor G.N. Gavrilov, December 14, 2023, St. Petersburg, Russia. (I.B. Paraschuk)

06-12-2023 (15:46)
Participation in the Risks and Security of Internet and Systems - 18th International Conference (CRiSIS 2023), December 6-8, 2023, Rabat, Morocco. (Kotenko I.V.)

30-11-2023 (14:42)
Participation in the international scientific and practical conference "Criminalistics - science without borders: traditions and innovations", St. Petersburg, November 30 - December 01, 2023 (Chechulin A.A., Kolomeets M.V.)

28-11-2023 (15:31)
Participation in the International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence Systems (IoTaIS'2023), November 28-30, 2023, Bali, Indonesia. (Kotenko I.V., Paraschuk I.B., Desnitsky V.A., Novikova E.S.)

23-11-2023 (15:41)
Participation in the 34th International Scientific and Technical Conference "Extreme Robotics" (ER-2023), November 23-24, 2023, St. Petersburg, Russia. (I.B. Paraschuk)

23-11-2023 (15:36)
Participation in 4th IEEE International Scientific Conference of Communications, Information, Electronic and Energy Systems (CIEES 2023), November 23-25, 2023, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. (I.B. Saenko)

06-11-2023 (15:43)
Participating in TITDS-XIV-2023: Transport Infrastructure for sustainable development of territories, November 6, 2023, Bukhara, Uzbekistan. (Verevkin A.S., Fedorchenko E.V.)

25-10-2023 (15:19)
Participation in the St. Petersburg interregional conferences " information security of regional Russia (IBRD-2023)", 25-27 October 2023, G. St. Petersburg, Russia. (Moldovan A.A. Kostina A.A., Moldovan N.A., Right-Handed V.A. Parashtuck And.B. Kotenko I.V., Sayenko I.B. It's Donskov.A. Green-Eyed E.Yu., HM.S. Meleshko A.V. It's Fedorchenko.V. It's Novikova.S., Danilov A.S., Verevkin A.S., Golubev S.A., Kuznetsov M.D., Zhernova K.N.)

23-10-2023 (15:29)
Participation in the Twenty-first National Conference on Artificial Intelligence with International participation, KII-2023. October 16-20, 2023, Smolensk, Russia. (Kotenko I.V., Saenko I.B.)

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