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Bulgakov Mikhail Vadimovich

Citizenship: Belarus
Address academic (office):
St.Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences
39, 14th Liniya, St.-Petersburg, 199178, Russia
Tel.: +7-(812)-328-2642
Fax: +7-(812)-328-4450

Position: Junior Research fellow

Bulgakov Mikhail Vadimovich, junior research fellow at Laboratory of Computer Security Problems of the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Science.

E-mail: bulgakov[AT]comsec[DOT]spb[DOT]ru


Research interests

  • Network security, embedded devices.


Academic background

  • 2011-2015 - St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University ("LETI") of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin). Bachelor of Engineering and Technology. Specialization: "Technical Systems Control" (27.04.04).
  • 2015-2017 student of St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University ("LETI") of V. I. Ulyanov (Lenin), Educational program of masters Ship Control and Information Systems.




Patents and Programms

Programs and databases


  1. Mikhail Bulgakov, Andrey Chechulin, Igor Kotenko. Component for DCC protocol analysis for implementing the railways as the obhect of security incident management. Federal Service for Intellectual Property. Certificate N 2016663840. Registered in the database Registry 19.12.2016.


Main publications



  1. Mikhail Mikhailov, Maxim Kolomeec, Mikhail Bulgakov, Andrey Chechulin. Investigation and determination of general advantages and disadvantages of existing data warehouses types and analysis of applications. Technical sciences from theory to practice: Proceedings of the 64th International Scientific and Practical Conference Novosibirsk, SibAK, 59, 2016. P.22-27. (in Russian).
  2. Mikhail Bulgakov, Dmitry Levshun. The main challenges of the protection of physical security systems communication lines. 9th Conference on Information Technologies in Control (ITC) . Proceedings. St.Petersburg, Russia. October 46, 2016. P.665-669. (in Russian).
  3. Mikhail Bulgakov, Andrey Chechulin. Development of hardware and software for the simulation of the security incidents in railway systems. XV nniversary Saint-Petersburg International Conference "Regional informatics-2016(RI-2016)". Proceedings. St. Petersburg, 2016. P.151. (in Russian).


RUSSIA, 199178, Saint-Petersburg, liniya 14-ya, 39, SPIIRAS (metro station Vasileostrovskaya).
+7-(812)-328-7181, +7-(812)-328-2642, ivkote[AT]comsec[DOT]spb[DOT]ru

Comments? Questions? chechulin[AT]comsec[DOT]spb[DOT]ru

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